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    Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

Final Touch is always on the look out for business partners to join our business. 

The investment that really suits you: We want you to succeed, so our establishment costs are minimal and ongoing operating costs are low to provide you with a business opportunity that can generate a great living right from the start.

Final Touch Training Modules.
We provide you with a complete Final Touch turn-key business package including equipment, training, sales and marketing, and ongoing support. The franchise opportunity opens you up to a network of highly skilled and experienced Final Touch technicians and strategic partner suppliers from around the world whom are all passionate about cars and working together to get the ultimate results. Our technicians are recognised industry experts in automotive paint repair, paint restoration, polishing techniques, and paint protection applications including the latest titanium oxide, nanotechnology adn ceramic coating products, servicing all the key dealer brands across New Zealand and the world daily.

Why Final Touch?

In New Zealand in 1993, Final Touch changed the way vehicle resellers approached vehicle reconditioning.  Similar to the way windscreen repairs changed the industry, the Final Touch® PRT system engaged world-class paint technologists, added Kiwi innovation and a few talented Kiwis to create a unique mobile spray repair system.

Final Touch is now the most successful automotive SMART Paint Repair Franchise in New Zealand and we are growing in international markets as well. 

A unique product and our years of experience in the automotive industry enbles our business partners to create profitable buisnesses for themselves.

You can provide private motorists the ability to maintain their vehicle in new condition at a fraction of the cost of complete re-spraying, with the added benefits of being more environmentally friendly, maintaining resale value and protecting the original factory paint.

Smart repairs also provide commercial dealerships with a service that delivers huge value in their reconditioning proces when managing new and used car inventories and teh opportunity to improve customer satisfaction indicies through better vehicle presentation and upsell through the service department.  

Vehicle insurers are also increasingly recognizing the benefits of smart paint repairs, and are actively seeking repairers who can offer quality smart paint repairs.
The prospective business partner needs to be passionate about motor vehicles and have an attention to detail. The rest is up to us by providing the systems and traning for them to develop profitabel businesses. 

With changes in vehicle technology and servicing and private motorists’ desire to maintain that new car feeling there has never been a better time to join a growing industry.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join us in maximizing the potential of the Final Touch brand we’d love to hear from you! 

Our Smart Chip Repair Technology has been in the European automotive market since 2001 under the brand SMARTCHIP

Smartchip’s many benefits;

  • Unique paint repair process: Smartchip has been developed to match all vehicle colours leaving a fast, high-shine, deep-fill repair for paint chips and scratches
  • Cost-effective: Smartchip represents considerable savings over traditional panel repair methods, such as complete re-spraying
  • Time-saving: Most jobs are completed quickly, allowing an excellent hourly return for the operator
  • Superior tinter range and formulations: With our unique tinter range and formulation technology, we can repair any paintwork regardless of the colour, age or type of vehicle – including silvers, metallic and pearlescents
  • Advanced technology: Our very own Formula F184 allows our operator to remove the overspray without damaging the vehicle’s clearcoat
  • Highly skilled operators: Our Smartchip operators undergo a comprehensive training programme and receive ongoing operator support
  • Enhanced vehicle presentation: whether you’re a company looking to grow your revenue, or you’re selling your personal vehicle, Smartchip can make your vehicle look more appealing to potential – and help you get more dollars, pounds or Euro in your pocket.
  • Environmentally friendly ‘repair not replace’ philosophy: Smartchip’s methods have a lower environmental impact than traditional re-spraying

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Final Touch Paint Repair Technology systems operate internationally under the SMARTCHIP and MR DINGMAN brands

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