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    Our Story

Who knew that a chance encounter with a friendly Mexican while on holiday could change New Zealand’s automotive industry?

It was the end of the 1980s, and Gary Lowe was on the American holiday of a lifetime. Strolling around in the Californian sunshine, Gary passed a car yard and – being a man who likes his cars – stopped to have a look. There, onsite and in the blazing sun, a Mexican man was repairing a car’s paintwork with nothing more than an air brush and a pot of paint.

Curious, Gary got talking to the man. He explained what he was doing – touching up the stone chips to make the paintwork like new again. This guy was loaded with work because cars were always getting damaged and people wanted them to look good.

Gary had a long flight home to mull over this. If you could invisibly touch up stone chips, why did so many cars get full re-sprays?

When he got home he went into his workshop, and after a few years of research and experimentation the Final Touch system was developed. Since then, Gary’s not only made a winning impression on the automotive coating industry with Final Touch, but he’s developed a strong and consistent network of franchisees throughout New Zealand.

The Final Touch® PRT system – so simple, and yet so different

Our Paint Repair Technology (PRT) system is a little bit special, and very effective. When we’ve prepped the surface of the paintwork, we airbrush high-quality colour matched automotive paint onto the spots. Then we let it cure for a few minutes.

After that, it’s time for the magic to happen. We use our very own Formula F184 to remove the overspray – and this is what makes Final Touch different from other systems that rely on just pencil touching or (unnecessarily, in our opinion) respraying whole panels.

Formula F184 not only removes the overspray but alters the acrylic composition of the paint, bonding it to the repair. It also aligns and holds any flake components in the applied paint, so it’s suitable for repairing traditionally difficult-to-match pearlescent and metallic paints.

Because Formula F184 only works with our own proprietary range of automotive paints, the Final Touch PRT system is a complete paint repair process. We can colour match to any vehicle make or model, and adjust it based on fading due to UV or age – a common problem for New Zealand cars! Most paint systems are produced by computer-generated ‘recipes’ that don’t take these variations into account, but all our technicians are trained to ensure the paint is perfectly matched every single time.

Repair, not replace – we’re big believers in sustainability

The automotive industry definitely takes a toll on the environment. So why re-spray a vehicle when you can get it back to as-new factory condition with its original paintwork and manufacturer warranty intact?

We’ve developed a sustainable business model, too. Our franchisees have built profitable businesses for themselves and, as a unified group, are helping us reach our corporate goals. We already have licensed operators and dealership partnerships in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe, and we’re aiming to become the automotive industry’s most recognised brand in smart chip and paint repair, as well as in car detailing and paint protection.

We’ve got a system that works long-term and doesn’t unnecessarily impact the environment. It’s still the best spray repair system on the market, and it was developed right here in New Zealand.

It’s Kiwi innovation at its finest – and it’s taking on the world.

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