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    Our Story

Who knew that a chance encounter with a friendly Mexican while on holiday could change the way small to medium area repairs are done within the automotive industry?

After the late 1980s Gary Lowe on a family holiday in California was inspired when he saw a Mexican man repairing stonechips at a dealership with nothing more than a pot of paint and an airbrush. Although the process needed some refining it was effective. Gary quickly realised the market potential if you could invisibly touch up stone chips at a fraction of the time and cost compared to panel resprays.

A few years of research and experimentation the Final Touch system was developed. Since then we have developed the stonechip repair system further that has allowed us to work with major car dealerships in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe this has allowed us to onboard world renown brands like Aston Martin UK. We have also become experts in paint restoration (cut and polish) whereby we are able to achieve a swirl free and mirror like finish every time through using best industry methods as well as our unique special formulas.

Over the last 25 years through our processes we are now renown in the industry as the Vehicle Appearance Specialists. As part of continual improvement and a passion for the automotive market we are involved with the ‘International Detailing Association (IDA)’ to promote the value of professional detailing services and to empower professionals at each stage in their career and help to develop a career path.

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