• Why Final Touch?

    Why Final Touch?

Repair, not replace – we’re big believers in sustainability

The automotive industry definitely takes a toll on the environment. So why re-spray a vehicle when you can get it back to as-new factory condition with its original paintwork and manufacturer warranty intact?

Final Touch Paint Repair Technology™ system is the technology that allows such effective results with a relatively simple process. Our Spray and Wipe System achieves remarkable results even on quite heavily chipped paintwork.

It is our ability to effectively spray and wipe stone chips and damaged paint with our exclusive and patented Formula F184™ that sets us apart and enables us to repair any vehicle colour, including metallic and pearlescent, whilst at the same time acting as a polish to enhance the gloss and finish of the paintwork. 

Combine this with using the detailing industries best practice around cutting and polishing, our methods and tools will successfully remove swirl marks, scratches, faded paint, extensive marring, holograms, water and acid rain spots. We take into account what your goal and budget is and our goal is to exceed your expectations. We can provide an obligation free quote through a series of simple questions to acertain your needs. Then we will strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a high quality finish that will last for months and years to come!

Our processes and systems work and has been proven time and time again from your simple run around daily drive vehicle through to the worlds most exclusive cars and the plus side is our systems does not unnecessarily impact the environment. It’s still the best spray repair system on the market, and it was developed right here in New Zealand.

It’s Kiwi innovation at its finest – and it’s taking on the world.

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Why Final Touch?

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“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for making my car look so awesome yesterday. I can’t believe how well it came out! Its just like brand new! I don’t want to park it on the street any more cause it might get stolen cause it looks so awesome!"

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