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Final Touch Global OEM Approvals

To ensure consistent product quality and colour accuracy for our stonechip/scratch repairs as well as paint restoration (cut and polish), we work with the best global automotive refinishing suppliers to source our products. This has resulted in the following OEM manufacture partner approvals for the Final Touch System. What this means is that not only do we service a range of local and international dealerships but we also lead the way for the private market; from car enthusiasts restoring their pride and joy to individuals who simply want an inexpensive high quality repair.

Below is a list of some of our clients:

*Note: Throughout our 24 locations aross 4 countries, we have come to service a wide range of dealerships, commercial and lease return companies, helping them to restore the vehicles appearance ready for re-sale at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. As a result we have worked with everything from private dealerships, major branded dealership chains through to high end prestige dealerships. Our knowledge of different manufactures paint and overall vehicle make up allows us to ensure we are able to get optimal results for both commercial and private customers.

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