• Commercial Partnerships

Commercial Partnerships

Commercial Partnerships

Whether you want to contract a local operator or utilise your own Smart Chip Paint Repair Technology system in-house we have the right options to meet your needs. 

For 25 years, the Final Touch Dealer Partnership has helped commercial businesses, dealerships and lease companies increase their revenue and lower their costs.

How? With our paint repair methods, you’ll spend less on reconditioning – but achieve a level of presentation that will have your buyers signing on the dotted line.

Whether you’re a large or small business, if you’re not using Final Touch you’re missing out on profit. Talk to us today to see how we can get your sales moving.

“It sells the car for me”

That’s what one of our long-term customers said to us. They were talking about our spray application technique with our patented Formula 184, which gets the paintwork looking like it just came out of the factory without having to do any respraying. And we all know how buyers flock to gleaming paintwork.

Here’s how you can benefit by working with Final Touch:

- If you offer Final Touch Paint Repair Technology, it’s a great opportunity for up-selling new services and improving your customer satisfaction scores

- When word gets around how well-presented and well-maintained your cars are, you’ll have an effective tool for attracting new customers and bringing back previous ones

- You’ll minimise expensive reconditioning costs on existing stock and trade-ins, fleet lease or rental returns increasing inventory trunover times and removing those costly negotiation points with customers. 

What makes Final Touch different?

Most of our clients – large and small – get the most benefit from us, by having us present every single vehicle they bring into stock.

Here’s why:

- After a Final Touch service, the car looks brand new – and it takes a fraction of the time and cost of a re-spray. This means you can combine it with a regular vehicle service and your customers will be thrilled that it not only drives like new, but looks pristine. 

- We’re continuously developing our paint system, which has been scientifically formulated. The secret is our patented Formula 184, which works chemically with our paint to give that invisible repair and superior finish

- Final Touch PRT repairs are centred on an environmentally friendly ‘repair not replace’ philosophy that is now being adopted throughout the automotive industry

- We use very few amounts of chemicals and solvents to achieve our smart chip repairs, which has a minimal effect on the environment compared to a full re-spray

Get in touch today

Ready to find out more about how your dealership can get ahead in a competitive market?

Talk to Final Touch about cutting your reconditioning costs and increasing that all-important after-sales service revenue.

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Final Touch has mastered the paint surface reconditioning art. Since 1993 FINAL TOUCH have been the go-to company, providing industry leading vehicle reconditioning at a fraction of full resprays. Now, we know we can’t and don’t proclaim to be able to fix everything. However, we are masters of what we do best, and we do it at a fraction of the cost you might otherwise spend and in a fraction of the time. Whats more, it’s totally unique in providing an incredibly smooth finish.

Like many of our clients say, ‘if you’re not already using Final Touch, you should be!”

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