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  • Simple Tips for a Great Looking Car

    Simple Tips for a Great Looking Car

Simple Tips for keeping your car looking great.

20 something years of helping clients ensure their vehicles are looking their best has given us plenty of time to notice a few things about cars and their owners that perhaps we can pass on.

Tyre Dressing provides an instant image lift. Nice shiny black tyres can make all the difference to the look of a car and I’m pretty sure that is why service departments make a point of dressing our tyres. Let’s face it you can’t see your oil change but your car looks like it’s been serviced because it has shiny tyres. It’s instant and it’s effective.

Interior detailing is something you want to keep on top of.   A simple vacuum and a wipe down every few weeks sounds simple but you might be amazed at how few people actually take the time to do it, particularly busy people with children. We’ve come across all sorts of rotten and mouldy things in car interiors that destroy carpets and smell really bad, once that smell gets into your car it is very difficult to remove.

Wax, Wax, Wax... Anyone can wax a car - Wax provides a sacrificial layer that enhances and protects your paint; acting as a sunscreen in summer and a waterproofing layer in winter. A healthy layer of wax will help prevent dust and grit from scratching and dulling your paintwork. No matter what car you drive, it will benefit from regular waxing.  There are lots of other protections available but anyone can wax a car.

Presenting a car nicely doesn’t need to be a difficult or expensive exercise. There are plenty of ways to present a car that has been around the block a few times without it costing too much, A good Cut & Polish will remove most scratches and restore a great shine; stonechips and scratches can be effectively repaired for surprisingly little and scuffed bumper corners or shopping trolley dents can often be repaired without the need of major bodyshop repairs. It is well worth spending a little here and there along the way to keep your car looking great to avoid the shock of how much a poor finish can devalue your car later on.

Tidy, well presented cars are easier to sell and they demand higher prices. We call it the ‘Magpie effect’ because people like shiny things but there’s more to it than that.  Cars without scratches and dents which have a clean tidy interiors shows that there has been pride in the ownership. The owner has looked after it and we naturally assume that they have been careful about maintenance as well. First impressions really count when it comes to anything to do with cars.

Full re-sprays almost always make people think ‘Accident’ I hate to say it because it is no reflection on the many very good car painters out there but unfortunately its true. There’s something not quite right about looking at a car with 80,000Km on the clock and the whole front end is perfect. Next minute you find yourself under the hood looking for bent bits and things that don’t line up properly. There’s a sense of honesty in an all original car that is presented nicely.

“You missed a spot” If we had a dollar for every time someone jokingly told me I’ve missed a spot over the years... It never gets old so we work hard to ensure we get things right. A poorly detailed car with leftover polish or dressing smears is almost worse than a car in its raw un-kept state and people assume just from looking at it that the owner doesn’t really know what they’re up to or that they’ve tried for a quick cover up job.

Looking after your vehicle and its appearance doesn’t need to be difficult and the team at Final Touch are always happy to help out with any questions you might have. If we can’t help out ourselves we’ll happily point you in the right direction for great products or results.

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Simple Tips for a Great Looking Car

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