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  • Careful Car Washing

    Careful Car Washing

Careful Car Washing. - The 2 Bucket Method.

After a trip recently on some very wet and muddy roads my work truck was left in a state showing more mud than paintwork.  It was going to require a lot of cleaning and it got me thinking again about how important a good car wash technique is for maintaining the appearance of our cars.

A lot of the swirls and scratches that you see in paintwork are actually caused when the cars are being washed.  These scratches or ‘micro-marring’ for those in the trade severely dull the paint finish and can take quite an effort to properly correct so it really is a case of using methods that prevent damage being so much better than the cure.

With this in mind we'd like to help our car loving customers with their ongoing paint protection by providing a quick rundown of the very popular 2 Bucket method with is the most popular and recognised Best Practice method for scratch free car washing..

Basically it's one shampoo bucket and one rinse bucket, the rinse bucket allows your wash mitt (or car wash brush) to release all the grit and grime before picking up the next load of shampoo - Greatly reducing the risk of adding swirls and helping ensure a longer lasting protective shine.
I'll let another expert explain it in more detail via video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xobp-uptqtA

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