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To Whom It May Concern,

We recently acquired a 24 year old 911 Porsche in generally very good condition but the exterior black paint had many stone chips and some scratches and some other paint damage. I spoke to Gordon (Final Touch Auckland operator)  about the options including getting the car repainted when he called in to give his assessment of what improvement he could make. Gordon said he thought he could make a real improvement and we decided to engage his services. He spent a full day working on the paintwork and the result can only be described as really outstanding. There has been a real transformation and the car paintwork now appears to be excellent. By this we don`t mean perfect but just very very good having regard to its condition before Gordon started. From our experience we feel  we can totally recommend Gordon`s expertise; and we think also that this process has the extra advantage of preserving the originality of the car by avoiding repainting it.

Many thanks to your team for a job well done!



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