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Paint Restoration / Cut and Polish

Paint Restoration / Cut and Polish

Paint Restoration – Cut and Polish

A paint correction (or Cut and Polish) by Final Touch is the best way to begin to restore your vehicle’s paint finish to original condition.

With over 25 years of polishing history and experience on some of the most exclusive cars ever made we’ve learned that to get the best results you must invest in the best tools, products and training so we are proud to partner with brands like Meguiar’s, Optimum and Carpro for car care products and Rupes polishers for excellent results every time.               

You can expect the following from us:

Removal of minor scratches and marring
Removal of swirl marks
Restoration of neglected paint
High gloss finish that provides clean reflections and shine
Smooth, polished paint that repels water, dirt and other harmful elements

Our trained technicians use the best polishing methods with the least aggressive methods required to achieve the desired result.

We offer a range of polishing options where we will tailor the right package for you and your vehicle to bring back the new car look and feel.

Cost Range

$200 - $1400

*cost is dependent on the size of your vehicle and the overall service that is required, please contact us to discuss your requirements

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Paint Restoration / Cut and Polish

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