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Stonechip and Damaged Paint Repairs

Stonechip and Damaged Paint Repairs

Stonechip and Paint Touch Ups

Stonechips ruining the look of your vehicle?

Before Final Touch you would have had to respray the entire panel to repair these. Alternatively other chip repaireres don't truly hid these. 

We use a simple yet highly effective system that is backed by manufactures. Our clever paint technology is what sets Final Touch apart from others.  It works to achieve excellent results and best of all; it doesn’t compromise your factory paintwork.

Using our colour matching and airbrush techniques we provide a fast, low-cost service that is effective on one isolated chip or one hundred chips across the front of a car. 

Want to know more about how Final Touch’s Paint Repair Technology works? 

There are three basic steps we use to get a gleaming paint finish through the Final Touch Process.

Step 1:
We carefully prepare the surface, giving it a clean and polish to make sure that there are no contaminants that will compromise the repair.

Step 2:
We carefully airbrush-fill the chip or scratch with colour-matched specialist automotive paint. The low-pressure injection of paint means it fills the whole chip from the bottom upwards. The chip is filled to the point of overflowing, so we know there won’t be any air gaps to cause problems later.

Step 3:
We remove the overflow paint and smooth the surface using our very own Specialty Final Touch Formula F184. This is what really sets Final Touch apart – it’s our specialist tool that makes it possible to remove the excess without stripping the paint from the chip. It’s gentle enough to retain a true colour match, while at the same time acting as a polish to enhance the gloss and finish of your paintwork.

Cost Range

$60 - $200

Repair costs vary depending on the number of stonechips around a vehicle but with moderately chipped vehicles receiving spray and wipe chip repairs for less than $200 there really is no better alternative to keep your vehicle looking its best.

* results may vary depending on size and location of the chips and existing paint colour and condition. Industry standard measure is optically undetectable from 2 metres. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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Stonechip and Damaged Paint Repairs

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This team you’ll want to call for all your touch up needs . Very professional and took care of our car to make it look brand new again. Thank you!

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