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Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Science has truly entered the car care world with the introduction of the latest generation of Ceramic protection products and many of our clients are reclaiming their weekends and choosing long lasting and permanent protection options to help with caring for their cars.

The benefits of correctly applied paint protection are easily realised with:

Greater ease of cleaning
Longer intervals between cleans
Lasting protection form bird droppings
Increased UV protection
9H harness
Lasting hydrophobicity (repel water)
Elimination of the need for waxing

We are pleased to be able to offer industry leading Exterior and Interior Ceramic Coatings from:

Optimum Opticoat

Our full range of coatings can be applied to your new or recently reconditioned vehicles paint work. Our certified approved applicator technicians have the skills to ensure that the protection is applied correctly every time.

Cost range:

$300 - $2500

*costings vary on the size of your vehicle and the type of coating required. Please get in touch to discuss the right coatings to suit your needs.

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