Stone Chip Repair

Simple yet highly effective repairs backed with clever paint technology is what sets the Final Touch spray and wipe repair system apart from others. It simply works to achieve excellent results and best of all; it doesn’t compromise your factory paintwork.

Using our colour matching and airbrush techniques we provide a fast, low-cost service that is effective on one isolated chip or one hundred chips across the front of a car.

We carefully match high quality touch up paint and inject it into the stone chipped areas. Once it’s dry we use our patented F184 Final Touch formula to smooth the surface resulting in a high fill, high shine and long lasting chip repair that restores the finish and maintains the important original factory paintwork.

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We carefully airbrush-fill the chip or scratch with colour-matched automotive paint. The low-pressure injection of paint means it fills the whole chip from the bottom upwards. The chip is filled to the point of overflowing, so we know there won’t be any air gaps to cause problems later.

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Final Touch Adding value at every turn.

We work hard at Restoring a vehicles Appearance so you can get that new car feeling for a fraction of the price. Experience and Skill in the Application of Techniques to Restore Depth of Gloss, Restore Mirror Finish and/or Paint Chip Repair are our stock in trade.

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A Happy customer

Had paint transfer from another car all along drivers door. Grant finished with my Tuscon she looked like the new car she is. Highly recommend these guys that go above and beyond.

Mike Hull


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